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Best Ways to Speed Up WordPress WooCommerce Performance

  • By Merter Lee
  • August 5, 2022

If you are into the online business through WordPress, you must also know about WooCommerce. It won’t be wrong to suggest that WooCommerce is the most powerful WordPress plugin that helps set up an online store on the web.

In numbers, about 30% of the top e-commerce sites use WordPress to set up their Store. The reason for WooCommerce popularity is its wide range of features, high-resolution images, VR animation, and so much more. In short, it’s the best plugin of WordPress that makes your online store look more attractive.

With all the good parts of WooCommerce, it comes with the risk of speeding down your website’s Performance. And if you are aware of the latest updates of the Google algorithm, if your website’s slow loading speed, there are fewer chances of ranking high on the search engine.

What’s the importance of WordPress WooCommerce Performance?

As we have discussed above, the speed optimization of your website will make it appear on Google’s first-page ranking, which means your website’s overall success. Likewise, you must make an effort towards the SEO part of your website, which is the definite cause of your WooCommerce site performance.

In simple words, your site will not perform well on the search engines if it lacks the SEO aspect of the site. Also, Google authorities may penalize your site’s SEO for –

  • Technical Errors: The website’s ranking on search engines highly depends upon its loading speed and Performance. More so, the search engines measure these values through their bots and check for any errors on the website.
  • Issues related to the user: If your website performance is not good, it will increase the bounce rate as the user will not stay for long. The higher the bounce rate of your website, the poorer the user’s experience on the site will be. Thus, Google will never rank such a website on the first page of SERPs.

Thus, measuring the website performance for revenue generation and many other reasons is essential. According to the Google algorithm, your site’s loading speed should not be more than 3 seconds, or it will increase the bounce rate to more than 32% or above.

Ways to Speed Up WooCommerce Performance!

After measuring your WordPress website’s WooCommerce speed, you need to take steps to improve its number. Firstly, you need to be sure about what is diminishing the website’s Performance. Secondly, you can apply the right measure per your site’s weak point.

Here are some ways that can help speeding-up your WordPress WooCommerce performance –

1. Make an effort in designing your Store’s front and Theme:

While you put in your best effort in designing your website, it will likely encourage a better user experience as well. Furthermore, it will improve your WooCommerce Performance, directly impacting the site’s ranking on Google.

You can apply the following points to improving the layout of your website –

  • Go through the frontend design of your website and remove any unworthy aspects of designing.
  • Always choose a super lightweight theme that responds well to the SEO aspects of the site. In general, it may include – well-designed templates, clean codes, and responsive design.
  • Make sure your checkout page is simple and does not include too many steps in the process. Also, keep a lower percentage of redirects through your page.

2. Clean Up your Website:

While we know there are various plugins and extensions that need to be placed on a WordPress website, somewhere, it will also affect the loading speed. Therefore, having too many plugins and codes will decrease the site’s Performance.

You can first remove all the plugins and extensions that are no longer needed on the site. Secondly, check for unused scripts and stylesheets that have no use for now. Also, clean up your database, which may consist of product pages, categories, tags, reviews and so on.

3. Optimization and Compression of Images:

For the best loading speed of your site, it’s beneficial to use images that are not large in size. In addition, you can use images that are genuinely clear but also average in size.

To be sure, you can do the following tasks –

  • Use images that are small in size
  • Check for already posted images and compress their size without compromising the quality.
  • You may also use a plugin to ease your task

4. Go through the WooCommerce Shop Page Setting:

The elements of WooCommerce page settings that are not needed should be cleared out of the website. More so, it will indulge in the site’s Performance as a whole. Here are some points that you can refer –

  • It’s more feasible to allow users the option “add to cart” on the same page of the product. You can tick the box which will let them add the items on the same page rather than redirecting them to the other page.
  • Make sure that the “placeholder image” consists of a small size image in addition to having a unique ID for the same.

Looking to Improve your WooCommerce site’s Performance!

It must be clear by now that the WooCommerce site’s Performance lays great stress upon its ranking factors on Google. Though we encourage you to make your site completely worthy in appearance, it’s also important not to bulk it up with plugins, features, extensions, scripts, codes and similar elements.

In short, it’s essential to work for your site’s loading speed so that it does not stay back for other reasons. If you want, you can hire WordPress developers to help you with the process of site speed optimization. More so, taking help from a professional will only move you towards betterment.

Merter Lee

This post is written and published by Merter Lee. Merter Lee is currently working as a Content Writer for freelancersdev.com and has enormously worked towards making our dream project come to life! In his free time, Merter Lee likes to read books and learn through advanced technical knowledge of the internet and a lot more.

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