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Best WooCommerce Alternatives For WordPress

  • By Merter Lee
  • September 29, 2022

Although we all know how WooCommerce is an amazing WordPress plugin, you may also consider looking for other options. In short, everyone wants the best for their business; thus, acquiring other strategies will make them select the best for their website.

About WooCommerce:

In general terms, WooCommerce is one of the finest and most popular open-source e-commerce plugins. There are about 130 million downloads and about 5 million active users of the plugin throughout the world. As per the stats, there are about 30% of online stores currently run on the WooCommerce platform.

As stated above, only 30% of online stores run on WooCommerce. It simply states that there can be various other e-commerce platforms that constitute the rest, 70% of the online stores on the web. Here, we will inform you about some of the best WooCommerce alternatives for WordPress. Let’s talk about them!

Why do we require alternatives for WooCommerce?

Almost everyone who is working in the online market is aware of WooCommerce. Technically, it’s the only and best e-commerce platform for which you don’t have to pay anything. Moreover, it has given space to small websites to outgrow their business with limited resources. But sometimes, not all businesses will feasibly work on WooCommerce.

Some business owners do not wish to get involved in the issue of third-party web hosting or other complex details. As we know, these are drawbacks with WooCommerce that’s why many online businesses are run on other e-commerce platforms. More so, choosing alternatives to WooCommerce will be more feasible for businesses depending on their requirements.

Top Four WooCommerce Alternatives in WordPress

As we know, there is a tough market in the online business, so we also need to have an e-commerce platform that provides all the best features. Similarly, you can look through the various options available as an e-commerce platform.

1. Shopify

It can be hard to tell if Shopify is more popular than WooCommerce or not, as they both are highly popular in online marketing. Needless to say, Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms that managing an online business.

On average, about 20% of top e-commerce websites are run on Shopify. Moreover, it’s easy to access the marketplace with this platform. All in all, Shopify is one place where you can build and create exclusive e-commerce websites.

Key Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Provides SSL certificate
  • In-built hosting and functionality
  • Regular updates
  • High Security

2. Magento

Now, this one is an amazing alternative to WooCommerce, which comprises almost 31% of top e-commerce sites, including– Nike and Samsung. The best thing about Magento is that you do not have to add any extra plugins to use the features of this e-commerce platform.

Moreover, you can use tons of modern payment options while being a part of the Magento e-commerce online store. The only drawback about Magento is that you may require basic coding knowledge before using this platform.

Key Features:

  • Extremely customizable
  • Mobile responsive
  • Security features
  • Small or large online stores
  • No additional extensions needed

3. PrestaShop

Here, Prestashop is an amazing option for anyone who is willing to use another open-source e-commerce platform. While it smoothly replaces your WordPress WooCommerce plugin, it may also be the best alternative for those who are not referring to investing any amount.

On a rough note, more than 400k+ online shops are running on PrestaShop for its easy access and reliability. Moreover, you can customize your store without any limitations with the help of PrestaShop.

Key Features:

  • You can use the dashboard to control your store
  • The search option is highly advanced
  • Built-in modern inventory system
  • Comes with a multi-store system
  • It’s free of cost

4. BigCommerce

This one comes with built-in features for sales and other e-commerce services. On the internet, you’ll come across more than 1,00,000 e-commerce stores that are growing rapidly on the platform. More so, there are more and more users who are switching to BigCommerce as a reliable e-commerce platform.

Key Features –

  • Entirely self-hosted
  • Provides growth analysis
  • Multi-channel selling
  • Advanced SEO tools
  • Built-in e-commerce features

Conclusion –

We all are aware of the features, functionality and no limitation of the WooCommerce plugin. However, after going through the alternatives of WooCommerce, it’s clear that you don’t have to depend entirely on one platform.

Similarly, the same platform may not be suitable for every type of business. Therefore, you can apply to hire Shopify developers or any other platform depending upon your business need.

Merter Lee

This post is written and published by Merter Lee. Merter Lee is currently working as a Content Writer for freelancersdev.com and has enormously worked towards making our dream project come to life! In his free time, Merter Lee likes to read books and learn through advanced technical knowledge of the internet and a lot more.

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