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Best WordPress plugins for selling digital downloads

  • By Nikki Bela
  • October 26, 2021

As we know, technology is adapting new policies with time and the latest trends. More people are turning towards online purchases of goods and services; it saves their time and money. Moreover, the internet has changed the meaning of physical goods as more digital services are being sold on a regular basis. WordPress plugins is a part of a software program that contains a set of features that can be brought into a WordPress website.

In the world of digital marketing, many experts and business owners are finding new ways to tackle the demand of customers. For them, the highlight points can be using WordPress plugins for selling digital downloads. More so, here is some apt information for the same that can help them around.

Those who are into the business mindset can easily use WordPress for managing any sort of business idea. More so, it has about 60,000 plugins that are making it possible for new businesses to flourish. Thus, it helps in utilizing every aspect of the internet. Furthermore, there is no person in the online business who doesn’t know about the term.

wordpress plugin

Six Best WordPress Plugins for selling Digital Downloads –:

More so, we will inform you about some of the highly popular plugins of WordPress that are useful in selling digital downloads. In addition, they have some key features that are necessarily available for the convenience of the clients. Thus, here is a list of some of the best WordPress plugins for selling digital downloads –

WooCommerce –

It is one of the most popular plugins of WordPress that is widely known among eCommerce platforms. Thus, it helps businesses by creating a variety of products as per the user’s demand. The best thing about WooCommerce is that you can easily create a digital product and sell it online without any issue. More so, the products that you want to create can be downloadable as well.


  • A free plugin that helps create various products
  • Assists in creating simple and complex products without any problem
  • Gives affordable payment methods
  • Provides vast usage through membership and subscription programs

WordPress iSell –

The popular use of the WordPress iSell plugin is to sell your digital products safely through the online medium. They can be like – videos, images, PDF formats and others. These are available in the form of links that can be accessible after the successful payment of the same.


  • Free of cost
  • Helps in selling various goods
  • Provide utmost safety for digital products
  • Comes with PayPal integration
  • Encrypts links to digital products
  • Gives access for uploading large files


Easy Digital Download –

It is the most accessible tool that helps in handling all types of downloadable products without any difficulty. Here, you can sell PDF files, ebooks and even other WordPress plugins with much ease. In addition, it helps business owners to restrict the number of the user download a single file. It will also help in providing smooth integrations in payment and other third-party tools. In short, if you use Easy Digital Download, then your customers will be able to make multiple purchases at the same time.


  • Helps in creating a fully functional shopping cart that is easily accessible for download
  • Gives extensive reporting features
  • Has a wide range of providing payment solutions
  • Flexible offers and discount coupons strategy
  • Helps in viewing the purchase history of the customers
  • Automatically create statistics of sale

WordPress Download Manager –

It is one of the few plugins that is convenient for managing digital files. It helps in managing the actions of users and bots to easily download the files. In addition, it can make the purchase very convenient for the user. In addition, the premium package also allows you to convert downloadable products into eCommerce products.


  • Protects your file using passwords
  • Analyze download history
  • Add and manage the files on your WordPress site
  • Supports Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox
  • Gives high-security options, like – CAPTCHA and IP Blocking
  • Adds shortcode for discounts
  • Controls access permission

Selz –

It is of great help in selling goods and services that are both physical and digital. It is another plugin that helps in converting your WordPress website into an eCommerce store. The great feature of the plugin is that it compares your site with any WordPress theme. Moreover, it is convenient for people who already have an existing website and want to convert it into a digital eCommerce store.


  • Helps to convert a WordPress website into an eCommerce store
  • Make changes without coding
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes
  • Allows to customize the “buy” button
  • Give access to in-build payment options
  • Mobile friendly
  • Manages advertising and promotion

Dokan –

It is an essential plugin that helps to sell digital products to various mediums from a single place. With the help of Dokan, you can create a multifunctional store for sale and allow other sellers as well to place their goods. In short, it is like your own amazon or eBay service apps. More so, you can sell your own and give place for other sellers as well and, in turn, ask for commission.


  • Creates a multi-seller marketplace
  • Helps create sale reports
  • Increases your sales through other sellers income
  • Helps create coupon
  • Gives easy access to various payment options
  • Easy to manage sales, orders and discounts

Final note: Hence, these are some popular plugins that you can attach to your WordPress to sell goods and services. Thus, it is incredible to use such services that come for free and have their premium versions as well. More so, there are many other plugins as well that you can try as per your demand.


Nikki Bela

Nikki Bela is the Senior Content Writer and Editor at freelancersdev.com. She has been working with us for more than 5 years and is well-versed in writing, editing and managing various marketing content for our blogs. Also, she has detailed knowledge about SEO, PPC and other online marketing tools on the internet.

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