Digital marketing – A must have for every business

Digital marketing is a set of processes that allow organizations to harness the power of the internet for competing in a dynamic marketplace. With proper implementation, businesses can boost their website traffic, enhance engagements among users and convert them into loyal customers. Having a robust digital presence in the online platform helps businesses to emerge as a powerful brand and achieve a winning edge over their competitors.

Hire our digital marketing experts

Our digital marketing experts at Freelancers DEV can help you create a tailor-made combination of result-oriented marketing strategies to excel in every aspect of online branding and marketing ideas.


Hire our digital marketing experts

Our digital marketing experts at Freelancers DEV can help you create a tailor-made combination of result-oriented marketing strategies to excel in every aspect of online branding and marketing ideas.


Our Digital Marketing Services covers

Organic Search Engine Optimization to rank no.1 in search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

Paid visual marketing to target specific customers

Pay per Click Marketing for escalating brand visibility and sales conversion

Online Reputation Management to create a positive impression in the online platform

Social Media Marketing to popularize your business online and generate quality leads

Email Marketing to send personalized emails for gaining popularity, approaching & converting new clients

Mobile App Marketing to get your app more downloads and engagements

App & web Analytics for studying customer behavior and modify marketing strategies accordingly

Content Marketing to create & post relevant and valuable content, helping to convey your brand/product/services to prospective customers

Product And Service Launch– create hype among customers through implementing a blend of effective tools

Our unique selling points

Create & enhance customer loyalty

Creating social media pages is not enough. Our social media experts effectively handle your customers keeping them engaged by answering their queries, offering guidance and addressing their complaints in a friendly way.

Targeting the right audiences

We have a proven record for running goal-focused visual and ppc ads by targeting the right customers. We conduct in-depth trend analysis and market research to understand the market requirement and ongoing trends. Then we segregate your customers in different categories and market your product/services to them accordingly.

Create a Robust Online Presence

Through combining social media marketing and online reputation management services, we can strengthen your brand’s image in the online platform. Our team tracks down negative comments/ reviews about your company and handles them efficiently. We can assure you that people will only find positive information about your company, every time they make an online search.

Comprehensive Organic SEO Strategies

Our organic SEO strategies have a robust record of accomplishment of delivering spectacular results in a small period. We conduct on-page, off-page, and technical SEO tasks, ensuring your website fulfills all the 200+ ranking factors as per Google’s algorithms.

Though there might be many other websites to purchase backlinks, they might provide you with quality links. Here are some of the best features that we include while creating backlinks –

  • The backlinks that we create are of high quality and are Google-friendly.
  • We have build service satisfaction among our customers.
  • We deliver backlinks with premium quality but low in price.
  • Our backlinks give results within 1 to 2 weeks.
  • You get higher marks from popular search engines, like – Google and Bing.
  • We’ll provide you with backlinks that will have a spam score of 0%.

Our Experience

Creative Services - 12 years 98%
Insights & Strategy - 10 years 80%
Media Research - 8 years 75%
Marketing Data - 7 years 70%

What is technical SEO and how much did it cost?

Technical SEO includes fixing all types of issues in your website that might be affecting your search engine ranking. Our web developer will check your website coding standards and rectify any flaws thereby helping search engines to crawl, interpret and index your website without any problems. Our SEO services come with on-page, off-page, and technical SEO, meaning, you do not have to pay anything extra.

How long it will take my website to rank No.1?

It depends entirely upon the industry of your business, competitors, and your choice of keywords. For some, it takes 2 weeks, while some might have to do it for 3+ months to see results.

Organic or Paid Marketing? Which is better?

Organic marketing is good for long-term advantage, as you will get natural ranking, and accumulate a large number of quality customers in the future. Paid Marketing, on the other hand, is great for short-term strategies, like increasing brand presence instantly or increasing sales. For detail information, you can schedule a free conversation with our digital marketing specialist.

What separates us from others?
Personal team of expertise
Personal team of expertise
We have a team of professional experts with a combined experience of 7+ years in their respective fields. When you will hire digital marketing expert from Freelancers DEV, we will assign you a team comprising market analysts, search engine optimization experts, social media managers, paid marketing professionals, web analysts land a project head, who will work in tandem to deliver you the best.
Prompt Monitoring & Reporting
Prompt Monitoring & Reporting
Our team will constantly monitor your marketing performances by analyzing conversion rates, bounce and engagement rates. We will breakdown our marketing strategies into different milestones and analyze their performances. Our strategists will further enhance the working strategies while eradicating non-performing methods. Consequently, we will keep you in our loop and take every decision after receiving your full approval.
Periodical Performance Report
Periodical Performance Report
We will send you the performance report of your marketing campaigns including our suggestions, next strategies, analytics and more. Our project manager will stay with you in constant touch throughout the time and keep you informed of every action we take. Alternatively, you can contact your assigned project manager anytime you want to know about the status of your project.