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Freelancers DEV is the best place to hire experienced game developers for developing high-end games for multiple devices. Our game development company specializes in developing chic and trendy games to captivate the heart of millions of mobile & internet users. Our game development team comprises of enthusiastic and hardcore game developers, designers and artists who work with a sheer zest to create and translate game ideas into reality. All our developers follow the standard industrial classification codes to build ultramodern, engaging and highly rewarding gaming apps. Apart from having a diligent team of game developers, we also own the latest infrastructure facilities and tools required to cultivate a collaborative game development platform.

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We have an unbeatable record of serving a diverse range of industries niches and covering a wide array of game genres. You can hire game developer to develop a game for brand augmentation or to generate revenues. We will deliver you a captivating game on time and let you generate faster ROI.

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Our game development services covers

iOS Game Development

Android Game Development

2D/3D Game Development

AR Game Development

VR Game Development

Mac Game Development

HTML5 Game Development

Facebook Game Development

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Our unique selling points

Expertise in Multiple Game Niches

We have undeniable expertise in developing game apps belonging to a wide range of customer base. You can hire game developer from Freelancers DEV to build multiple game niches like sports, arcade, shooting, action, puzzle, adventure, racing, fighting, simulation and many more. We also develop games for all demography like kids, adults, hardcore gamers, easy yet captivating games for occasional players, competitive gamers and so on.

Successful Monetization

Apart from development, we also help in monetizing your game by implementing several technical and marketing strategies. We can help you integrate in-app purchases, conducts highly revenue generating display advertisings, video pre-rolls, paywalls, premium subscriptions, etc. We ensure you that not only your game will give you faster ROI, but also help you generate a significant amount of revenue in no time.

Performance-Oriented Games

With years of services in the industry, we know the dos and don’ts to follow while developing a gaming app. Hence, our developers use the highest standards of coding to eradicate distractions like slack, error, and crash, which often makes the users lose interest in the game. We also ensure to implement the frequent downloading requirement to the minimum, so that users can enjoy the game in one go.

High-end Programming

We have yearlong expertise in integrating native coding & excellent frameworks in our products. Our game developers can work with game engines like Unity3D, Unreal, and Cocos2d-x including technologies like HTML5 to deliver sophisticated and quality games.

Our experience

Creative Services - 12 years
Insights & Strategy - 10 years
Media Research - 8 years
Marketing Data - 7 years

Why should you hire us

  1. Comprehensive Game Development

We offer end-to-end game development services for multifaceted companies across the globe. Our comprehensive development process starts from visualizing the game idea, assembling documentation requirements, designing game prototypes, building assets, coding, animation creation, deployment & launch in app stores.

  1. One Game, Multiple Platforms

We develop high-end cross-platform games while keeping our entire focus on game mechanics and invigorating gameplay. You can hire game developer from Freelancers DEV for developing uniform coding that works in all platforms like iOS, Android, Steam, etc., allowing us to save time and you to save a huge amount of cost.

  1. High standard coding and testing

Our developers follow the international standard of coding procedures, backed by a team of industry’s top app testers. Our game development procedures are divided into several milestones and each milestone undergo a rigorous test cycle by top analysts and testing agencies.

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How can I monetize my game? Can you help with it?

Yes, we will integrate essential features to escalate your chances for monetizing your game. We can help you launch your product in the right platforms, market them correctly and develop in-app purchases, etc.

What is your game development model?

We follow a clean and customized development model. It starts with Pre-production, where we plan, research and prepare documentation for your game. Then we develop concept art and asset production with the help of our excellent team. After development, we follow rigorous QA and performance testing, ensuring the game’s compatibility and code standards. Besides that, we offer additional services like content updates, maintenance, game rerelease support, marketing support, app store optimization, etc.

many professionals you will provide in one project?

For each project, we provide a project manager, level designers, design artists, UI specialist, developers, testers and marketers.

The number of team members assigned to each project entirely depends upon your requirements.

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