The rising need of Joomla service

Joomla is an open-source content management system (CMS) used for developing highly responsive brand websites, e-commerce, and social networking websites. Most users with decent knowledge in software & technology prefer Joomla to other CMS, as using it does not require any critical technical skills. It is intuitive, user-friendly, flexible and powerful. In short, it has everything one looks in a website development platform.

Freelancers Dev Experts

We at Freelancers DEV provide customized Joomla development services including comprehensive web development to eCommerce development to website migration and many more. Our team of dedicated Joomla developers works alongside you for researching & analyzing your demand and delivering high-end products as required.


Why hire our joomla developers

You can hire joomla expert from Freelancers DEV on multiple price models like hourly, full-time or project basis. From developing highly responsive eCommerce websites to migrating your existing website to a new server, our services are well customized and tailor-made as per your needs.

Our Joomla development services covers

  • Installation and Configuration
  • Web Development
  • Component Development
  • Template Development
  • Joomla Migration
  • Theme Development
  • Portal Development
  • Extension Development
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Custom Modules Development
  • Website Maintenance and Support

Our Unique Selling Points

Custom Industry-focused Web Development

Not every business runs on similar technical requirements. We team of research specialists will conduct in-depth market research to uncover the ongoing trends & customer demands as per your industry. Followed by strategic planning, our team will work relentlessly to equip your website with relevant features, customer-centric plugins, advanced extensions, and the latest versions, to enhance your overall customers’ engagement.

Unrestricted and Unleashed Development

Combining the power of the open-source platform and our impeccable development specialists, we will help you develop highly scalable and flexible websites, loaded with user-friendly features and search engine friendly coding. With thousands of themes and templates to choose from, you can give your website a glorious and ultramodern look at the touch of a button.

Powerful Customized Themes & Templates

Our custom themes developed by our exclusive Joomla developers’ features pixel-perfect HD images, cross-browser compatible coding, tableless CSS, and W3C validation. We also help in developing attractive templates for Joomla websites. We can integrate pre-built templates or can convert your PSD design to templates as well.

Quick & Hassle-free Migration

We can help you transform and migrate your site from other configurations to Joomla, offering more advance user experiences, spectacular functionalities, and flexibility. Together, we can conceptualize a phenomenal idea while keeping your short & long-term business’s goal in mind.

Our Experience

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Creative Services - 12 years 98%
Insights & Strategy - 10 years 80%
Media Research - 8 years 75%
Marketing Data - 7 years 70%

Should I choose Joomla as an eCommerce platform? How much will it cost?

Yes, of course. With Joomla, managing a website becomes very easy. We can develop a highly scalable, graphics-rich and SEO-friendly e-commerce website by integrating highly encrypted payment gateways.

The price for a website development entirely depends upon your requirements. Whether you want us to develop a complete website, or for migration, or theme customization, etc.

How can I hire joomla developers?

You can hire joomlaexpert from freelancers DEV on multiple price models. Our developers are available on an hourly, full-time and project basis.

Do I have to contact you every time I want to make changes to my website?

Of course not. We handover full authority of your website once you finish it. You can make any changes to your website you like without being dependent on a technical support team. Meanwhile, we offer free 90 days of post-completion support. During these days, you can ask our developers to make changes, tweaks, upgrades or bug fixes.

One Point of Contact

Why separates us from others?

Personal In-house Team

We assign one personalized team for each project we receive. When you hire joomlaexpert from Freelancers DEV, you also get a project manager and dedicated designer solely focusing on your project. You can easily contact your team for any information or updates regarding the ongoing status of your project.

Industry Best Practice

We strictly comply with International standards of coding and maintain ethical coding practices, ensuring your website offer powerful protection and refrains from coding vulnerabilities. Our experts write clean codes that enhance the readability and maintainability of codes that help with safe code reuse and detection of bugs quite easily.

Flexible Pricing Models

You can hire joomlaexpert from Freelancers DEV as per your requirements. You can hire our developers on an hourly basis if you have a small project. For large projects, our developers are available on a full time and per-project basis. Either way, you can contact our project manager, who will conduct a feasibility test to have an in-depth idea about your requirements and offer you a decent quote.

Responsive testing network

We often divide our projects into milestones and our quality analysts ensure successful completion of each milestone before order the team to move to the next. We have in-house analysts as well as independent quality testers to conduct stringent quality checks of our projects before giving it the green light.