About Magento Service

Magento is a popular open-source e-commerce system that will lead your business to an entirely new level. We have worked side by side with multifaceted enterprises, entrepreneurs, and leading brands and helped them attract more revenue and new customers. If you are looking to transform your old website into a new Magento platform, then our highly trained and skilled developers can make it possible within an affordable budget. Our services start with breaking down the factors that enticed your customer’s attention in the first place. Then we conduct product improvements and integrate advance SEO friendly features to rank your website higher in search engines.

Hire our Magento service providers

Freelancers DEV specializes in offering onshore and offshore-based Magento development services across the globe. Our services focus on delivering a user-friendly and highly secure website to our customers within the promised timeframe.


Our unique selling points

Magento is a favorite platform among online merchants as it offers attractive elements like user-friendly shopping cart systems, a hassle-free content control system, a wide range of productive tools and efficient catalog management system.

Our Magento development covers

Our Magento development covers:

  • Ecommerce development
  • Ecommerce website designing
  • Shopping car development
  • Theme development, designs, and integration
  • Payment gateway integration and many more.

Who we are

Every enterprise needs a smart CMS platform with productive features and flexibility tailored for its unique needs. Apart from developing you a feature-rich website, we will also integrate it with unparalleled flexibility, enabling you seamless management of the contents, functions, and looks.

Result-Driven Approach

Whether you want a website to improve your Brand image, or drive more sales or both, Freelancers DEV can have it covered. We will integrate market research, customer demands, and competitive research before coming up with a design to suit your brand’s persona and business goal.

Constant Quality Check

All our projects go through a multistep quality checking procedure to ensure that you receive a bug-free and highly efficient end-product. We divide each of our projects into different checkpoints. Once we complete one checkpoint, we will send the project for a pilot test to our professional technicians, project manager, and staff. Only getting full approval from our team, we move on to the next phase of development.

Faster to the Market

Once we finalize a project, we appoint a dedicated team of developers and a personal project manager to it. Freelancers DEV has all the requisite tools and human power to deliver your product within a promised timeframe.

Fully Transparent Working Process

We send you constant updates about the status of your project. We know that too many cooks can ruin a dish; therefore, we only appoint few developers to hand a single project and do not give them to other developers to cut time. Even though we will send periodic updates about your project, you can always call your project manager for inquiries.

One-point of Contact

If you need to make changes or add some new ideas to your project, you can call your project manager right away. Our project managers are available on skype, slack, hangouts, Whatapp, and phone lines.

Our Experience

Creative Services - 12 years 98%
Insights & Strategy - 10 years 80%
Media Research - 8 years 75%
Marketing Data - 7 years 70%

How can I track my project’s status?

The product development procedures at Freelancers DEV is entirely transparent. We appoint a dedicated project leader to each of our clients. Whenever you need to know the status of your project, you can directly communicate with your project leader through direct call, skype, clack, hangout, WhatsApp, etc.

Is Magento good for developing e-commerce websites?

Yes- It’s the best. Since 2013 Magento remains the first preference for developers when it comes to developing e-commerce websites. It includes exclusive features like flexible content management, cross-selling, upselling, encrypted payment gateway integration, mobile-friendly configuration, etc.

How much do you charge for it?

The charge of developing an e-commerce website depends upon your requirements. You can hire Magento developer from Freelancers DEV at full time, part-time, and hourly basis. We start by discussing your needs. Then after assigning specifications, we move towards a feasibility test. We broke down the whole project into milestones, and then you are charged for each milestone individually.The minimum package rate will be $500 and may increase as per your needs and requirement.

How many revisions do you provide for each project?

For each project, we provide 90 days of support. For making any changes or tweaks, you can contact our Magento developers within the said period.

In how many E-commerce developments are your Magento Developers experts?

The Magento Developers that work with us owe expertise in almost every E-commerce development. They offer business-centric E-commerce development services in Magento on the global level. In particular, the ones that they proudly conquer are –

  1. Retail and E-commerce applications
  2. Media and Entertainment applications
  3. Travel and Tourism applications
  4. Banking and Finance applications
  5. Education and E-Learning applications
  6. Healthcare solutions

What is the process of hiring Magento Developers?

The hiring process of our Magento Developers includes several factors that help manage some usual terms. It is keenly seen that they are able to handle the delivery and execution of complex and multi-technology projects. Here is the step-by-step hiring process –

  • Starting with the discussion
  • Analysis of the project
  • Team selection
  • Hiring model selection
  • Initializing the project
  • Monitoring of the performance

Is there any need for coding in Magento?

Yes, Magento requires coding, but that depends upon the requirement of the project. It may range from a minimal to zero amount of coding as per the programming language that will be needed in the project. We can customize the web applications for the programming languages on Magento as – JavaScript, HTML, XML, PHP, and CSS.

What will be the advantages of hiring Magento Developers?

Here is a list of benefits that you will get when you hire a Magento Developer –

  • Exposure to working with dedicated, experienced, and skilled developers.
  • Minimizing the risk and getting quality assurance.
  • Command over the process of development.
  • Opportunity to work with developers who will be a part of your team.
  • No additional charges to pay for the Project Manager who will handle your project and the team.

Is Magento paid or free?

Magento is an open-source platform that is free of cost. It is mainly known for creating E-commerce websites in the online business world. Here, you will get unique features and offers to make up your site with the scratch that you get to build up an online store.

In what language is Magento written?

Magento is an open-source platform that is free of cost. It is mainly known for creating E-commerce websites in the online business world. Here, you will get unique features and offers to make up your site with the scratch that you get to build up an online store.

What are some of the customized CMS development skills that you, Magento developer, acquire?

There are some basic skills that our developers have to make your work feasible and understandable. They can combine their skills and development expertise as per the need of the business. Our experts have a tight grip on the following –

  • Shopping cart development
  • Customer e-commerce solution
  • Customer extension development
  • Magneto website development
  • Magento module and theme development

What kind of e-commerce integration knowledge do your developers have?

When you hire magneto developers, e-commerce integration is the first thing that you’ll be in need of for website creation. It is highly in demand and accessible, with a lot of benefits for designing an e-commerce site. Every e-commerce business wants to hold control over these benefits so that they can flourish in their respective field. For the same reason, they hire Magento developers and build a sound knowledge of e-commerce integration. The key features it offers are –

  • Huge revenue and growth in profit
  • Accurate customer targeting
  • Manages customer service expenses

What are the extension development skills of a Magento developer?

You’ll be needing the extension development skills of a Magento developer for various reasons. It’ll help you have a greater outlook on the quality and make the data portable. It will also make it more interactive and viral in many other forms. There has been a tremendous amount of innovation in the web development field. Furthermore, if you include them in your e-commerce business, then it has more benefits to your business. It is a wider way to attack a maximum number of customers in the online market.

Do your Magento developers have knowledge of javascript?

Our experts have deep knowledge of Javascript that ensures the framework of – CMS and MVC. It is a must to look for these qualities before you hire a Magento developer from anywhere. With the help of the Javascript framework, you’ll be able to add custom functionality to your design. It will be in the form of a module that you can manage with your e-commerce business.

What kind of magneto developers do you provide?

There are basically three types of Magento developers that you can hire from us –

  • Back-end developer – The need of such developers is when you have to – create server-side logic, maintain a database, or you have created an app for your online store. The two main qualities of these developers are –
  1. To be technically sound, and
  2. Detailed oriented.
  • Front-end developer – The work of a front-end developer manages the appearance of your site, color, layout, and navigation. However, our front end developers are professionally equipped with the following languages –
  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. PHP
  4. Magento CMS
  5. JS
  6. APIs
  • Full-stack developer – As the name suggests, a full stack developer is highly skilled in both – front-end and back-end development tasks. When you look around the business throughout the world, you’ll see that they have less knowledge of the specializations. That’s the reason they hire a full-stack developer for the complete business orientation program. It will make it feasible for the businesses as the developers will work on all parts of the website.

Will Magneto services be helpful in selling products to international customers?

Magneto development has a wide range of features that support multilingual e-commerce traders throughout the world. Its functionality has a uniqueness of multi-currency exchange that attracts most of the eCommerce sellers. With the help of Magneto development, you can deal with every possible aspect of eCommerce websites. It allows making currency conversions and calculating discounts so that you can serve a broader audience on the international level.

How can my site be visible on the latest mobile trends and other activities?

There has been a significant change in the business world over the last few years. The main aspects of the shift are adaptable due to responsive designs and device-specific applications. The latest version of Magento includes responsive templates and other specifications. If you hire a Magneto developer, it will help you use great features that meet the demand of the mobile world in today’s time. It is applicable in both B2B and B2C business of the online market.

What will your Magento developer do to improve the product search on my Magneto eCommerce site?

It can be very frustrating for a customer who is willing to purchase products from your site but is unable to find them online. Furthermore, it means that if your search functions are unable to fulfil the criteria of customers, then you are missing out on the valuable opportunity to grow your business. When you hire Magneto developer, they will work on these search function through various software and third-party medium. Such tools will be beneficial for your customers and their validation of you.

Will I be able to connect many other systems to my Ecommerce Magneto website?

If it is about third party systems, you may connect them as much as you pay for them. While going through the API, you can add as many systems as you require. It can be like – CRM, ERP, search solutions and marketplace extensions, etc. All in all, it depends upon the money you are investing in your website.

What steps do you take to ensure the safety of my Magento website?

There has been a theft to the online website due to cybercrime that is increasing in a day to day manner. There is a significant risk of having your personal data bugged by a cyber-attack which is not so tough in the present time. Therefore, our Magento developers give you the utmost security that you needs to keep your data safe on the website. We provide a great emphasis to keep the customer data protected and safe from cyber theft.


Principles of our work

Industry-focused E-commerce Platform

We inculcate advance features and specifications to develop a User-friendly online store as per your industry norms. We will integrate SEO-friendly features like product/category based metadata, search engine sitemaps, full control over URLs. As a result, you will attract more users, leading to more conversion.

Get More- Pay Less

Compared to other platforms, not only magneto comes packed with a myriad of features and library extensions, but it is also cheaper. As a result, you get more while paying less.

Integrate Secure Payment Gateway- Our developers will integrate a secure payment-processing gateway with a more robust data encryption feature. We will add multiple payment processing gateways like PayPal, Amazon payments, simple pay, and Google Checkout, etc.

Full Analytics and Reporting

With our analytics and reporting integration, you will be able to know the efficiency & performances of your marketing strategies. We will enable traffic monitoring through google analytics, which will allow you to generate sales reports, stock/inventory reports, shopping cart reports, search term reports, best customers, and many more.

High User Request Processing

With our analytics and reporting integration, you will be able to know the efficiency & performances of your marketing strategies. We will enable traffic monitoring through google analytics, which will allow you to generate sales reports, stock/inventory reports, shopping cart reports, search term reports, best customers, and many more.

Client-Centric Engagement Models

What works for others does not mean it will work for you. If you hire Magento developer from Freelancers DEV, you can feel the difference. Our developers come with immense field experience by developing industry-focused designs for retail, e-commerce, media, entertainment, financial banking, health care, travel, hospitality, etc.