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About PPC Marketing Service

Pay per Click (PPC) advertising is a major digital marketing approach for businesses looking for optimizing their conversion and profit goals. Through implementing the proper marketing mix, you can leverage the true potential of PPC and deliver quality traffics to your company’s website. Our certified PPC Experts at Freelancers DEV have helped brands to emerge and established their digital presence by increasing their targeted traffic and revenue generation.

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Our ppc marketing services offer your business the ladder to climb on the top amidst a robust competitive online advertising platform. You can hire ppc expert from Freelancers DEV to handle intricate, domain-specific and geo-centric PPC campaigns. Our ppc marketing comprises a strategic combination of campaign ideas driven by incorporating the latest industry trends. We have extreme proficiency in running popular ppc campaigns and managing them effectively in highly dynamic platforms.

Our Comprehensive PPC Services Covers

Display Advertising

Mobile Advertising

Social Media Advertising

Bid & Campaign Management

Conversion Tracking

Remarketing / Retargeting

Video Advertising

Shopping And PLA Management

Strategic Link Building

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Our unique selling points

Drive Visitors within Hours

While traditional inbound marketing takes months, our PPC marketing empowers your website to attract massive traffics within hours. Our ppc marketers will create a wide range of ppc campaigns exclusively targeting your customer niche in Google displays networks, bing ads, and other relevant platforms

Optimized Keywords and Key Phrases Research

Apart from manual research, our experts use the latest tools to analyze target keywords and key phrases focusing on your target audiences. We use google Rankbrain algorithm to evaluate the search intent of users. Our keywords and phrases research comprises Navigational, informational and transactional search data of users.

Master Display Ads Designing 

Our professionals develop uncluttered, clear, minimalist and defined graphics to keep your ad served to ad viewed ratio in balance. Each banner features top performing ad sizes, value proposition phrases, brand logo, instantly readable texts, and a call to action button. We comply with generally accepted design guidelines to ensure your banner generates the desired performance and not simply look beautiful to the eyes.

Geo-Targeting Customers 

We implement elegant Geo-targeting ppc marketing, enabling you to reach customers across the globe. We can help you develop language-specific ads according to your customers’ local language. We can also change your marketing ideas as per the cultural significance, lifestyle, and other factors of the location.

Our experience

Creative Services - 12 years
Insights & Strategy - 10 years
Media Research - 8 years
Marketing Data - 7 years

Why Us?

Single Point of Contact

No complicated automated voice or waiting for hours for a callback, at Freelancers DEV, we offer you a single point of contact. For any queries, ideas or changes, you can easily approach your personal project manager (appointed by us).

Dedicated & Specialized Team

When you hire ppc specialist from Freelancers DEV, we will appoint your special team of specialists, project manager, and graphic designer for your particular domain of business. While our PPC specialists conduct research, planning, and implementation, our designers will prepare quality & captivating graphics. If you prefer, our copywriters can also help you develop relevant & click-worthy content as well.

Conversion Tracking 

We constantly track your conversion on a real-time basis, ensuring all campaigns are working at their optimum. We remove all weak performing campaigns and try to remodel moderate ones. We constantly keep an eye on the competitiveness of the keywords and phrases, ensuring your ppc campaigns deliver their best.

Creative Testing 

We conduct recurring A/B Tests to ensure your ads are being displayed to the right audiences. We simultaneously test your ad variations to minimize factors that might skew your results. We follow a steady yet effective testing process to pinpoint the exact factor affecting your ads’ success and rectify them as earliest as possible. In short, we pay attention to hardcore collected data rather than going with our gut instinct.

Latest projects

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Do you have experience in B2C PPC Marketing?

Yes, our professionals have successfully handled several B2C & B2B Marketing projects. Our ppc specialists come from a diverse field and have experience in projects related to sectors like eCommerce, manufacturing, retail, finance, manufacturing, nonprofit organization, education, communication, and many more.

How fast can you start my project?

We can start our project as per the availability of our PPC specialists. Generally, it takes 24-48 hours, as we have to plan the entire process, conduct keyword researches, do A/B testing, etc.

What is your pricing model?

You can hire PPC specialist from Freelancers DEV at a very flexible price. Our professionals are available in both hourly and full-time basis.

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