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About SEO Service

Freelancers DEV is a team of creative individuals catering to goal-oriented SEO services across the globe. Our services completely concentrate on implementing smart & precise changes in your website and land it on the right track as per popular search engines’ algorithms. Through proper SEO, you can attract the attention of popular search engines, so that whenever someone searches for products/services, they find your website on the first page.

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Search engines rank a website considering more than 200 factors. Our SEO specialists conduct in-depth website analysis to understand the technical faults within a website and fix them in compliance with the latest algorithms. You can hire SEO expert from Freelancers DEV to keep your website updated, empowering you to stay ahead from your competitors.

Our Comprehensive SEO services covers

Content and Title Optimization

SEO Keyword Research

SEO Competitors Analysis

Website Auditing

On-page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Strategic Link Building

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Our unique selling points

Complete website optimization

We improve the aspects of your website that contribute to better traffic generations and rapid conversions. Our SEO analysts will add relevant keywords, edit meta tags, image tags, and implement all types of technical SEO activities to improve your website visibility to search engines.

Advanced local search optimization

Although an alluring design and captivating theme can offer maximum engagement among consumers, sadly, that’s not enough to attract the attention of search engines. The search engine understands the language of codes and scripts. Our specialists will integrate Schema markup on your website that helps search engines to retrieve relevant information about your business.

Lightning-fast page loading speed

The page loading speed of a website plays a significant role in earning the favors of google and other search engines. Google favors those websites in local search and voice search whose average time to first byte (TTFB) lies around .54 seconds. Our team of SEO specialists and web professionals will modify all heavy scripts & complex media, thus offering your website a phenomenal speed.

Curate contents as per the latest SEO standards

Our SEO specialists optimize your website content to make them accessible for search engines. We strongly focus on three factors- crawling, indexing, and ranking. We modify your codes and contents so that search engines can scan them better. With better extraction of contents from webpages, google will index it faster and make it available for your target audiences. We ensure that contents in your website stay relevant to the index so that google will rank them higher among other contents.

Our experience

Creative Services - 12 years
Insights & Strategy - 10 years
Media Research - 8 years
Marketing Data - 7 years

Why Us?

  1. Cross-Platform SEO

More than 65 percent of Google users come from mobile platforms and the number is going to increase in the future. At freelancers DEV, we provide cross-platform SEO services, ensuring your website gets better online visibility and rankings in all aspects.

  1. Industry-focused Professional services

Like any other form of marketing, SEO practices also differ in terms of industry. You can hire seo experts from Freelancers DEV according to your industry. We have a team of experienced professionals with yearlong expertise in relevant industries, who knows what kind of practices will work best for your business.

  1. White Hat SEO Practices

We strictly follow ethical white hat SEO practices by complying with the standards of search engines. As a result, your website will receive organic ranks without breaking any legal barriers or inviting penalties from search engines. At freelancers, your website’s reputation is in safe hands.

  1. Regular reporting structure

We will send you regular biweekly/ monthly reports of your website rank improvements. Our report covers SEO Link-Earning Reports, keyword-ranking report, SEO visibility report; Meta tags optimization report, google analytics & search console report, and many more.

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What is your Monthly SEO packages?

The price of our SEO services will differ as per your requirements. Our prices vary on various factors like keyword selections, content creation, technical modifications, listings, and so on. We recommend you consult our project manager to run a feasibility test and offer you the best deal.

How much do you charge for an initial consultation?

You can consult our project manager free of cost. We are more than happy to answer your queries. You can consult us through our contact details mentioned on our website or drop your relevant queries on the box down below, and we will contact you as earliest as possible.

Is SEO better than paid marketing?

In depends. Paid marketing is more focused on short-term goals while the reputation earned through SEO stays for a long time.

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