About Shopify Service

Shopify is a user-friendly SaaS platform that has helped several business owners to develop online stores without going through technological hassles. Its flexibility and advanced features seamlessly comply with the contemporary demand of the online marketplace. Our dedicated Shopify developers at Freelancers DEV can help you develop an elegant and ultramodern e-commerce system at a competitive market price.

Our Expert Shopify Developer

Our Shopify developers hold a stellar background of helping clients with creating chic product showcase, integrating responsive HTML coding, facilitating complete sales channel system, and performing extravagant customizations and so forth. Our comprehensive Shopify development services cover planning, developing, modify ecommerce websites, and handover the complete authority of your website to you.


Hire our Shopify service providers

With a prominent experience in the field, we offer comprehensive guidance and assistance in getting you started with your Shopify project. You can Hire shopify developer from Freelancers DEV to implement brand-oriented themes, add products, integrate secure payment gateway, and so on.

Our services cover

Setting up and configuring a brand new Shopify store
Creating & designing custom templates that complements your brands and products

Adding relevant images for your products and categorizing them accordingly
Implementing features like outbound emails, shipping & payment gateways


Our Unique Selling Points

Responsive Theme Development

We develop Shopify-compatible responsive themes from scratch, along with integrating customer-focused designs to enhance your overall conversion ratio seamlessly. We create cross-platform theme designs & layouts and add custom features as per your industry’s needs.

Advance Integration & Module Management

Through applying inventory tracking features and module management solutions, we help you coherently manage your product inventory. We can also install the latest add-ons and plugins like email marketing, affiliate marketing, Facebook, along with several high-end third-party API integrations.

Shopify Mobile App Development

We help you develop cross-platform enabled and highly scalable mobile storefronts for your customers, allowing your business to reach to maximum audiences. We can set up mobile-based apps for both Android & iOS platforms, integrate ultramodern features, install app optimization, and customer engagement tools as well.

Error Resolution and Quick Fixes

Our dedicated Shopify developers work tirelessly to improve your experience during and after the project completion. We extend our offerings to 90 days of free quick fixes, upgrades, Error resolutions, website audition, and detailed reporting.

Our Experience

Opencart is an open-source platform, you will receive complete control over the appearance, content, and functionalities of your website. Our developers can offer you full guidance about how to manage your site effectively.
Creative Services - 12 years 98%
Insights & Strategy - 10 years 80%
Media Research - 8 years 75%
Marketing Data - 7 years 70%

How many team members will you assign to my project?

We generally assign a team of four technical experts- 2 Shopify developers, one quality analyst, and one project manager. Apart from them, we also appoint one business analyst to perm feasibility check and evaluate your requirements.

What kind of pricing model do you follow?

You can hire shopify developer at a fixed price or hourly basis. However, the pricing model varies as per your project requirements.

Whom I have to contact to know the status of my project?

If you want to share any concerns, new ideas, or know the status of your project, then you can directly contact your respective Shopify developer and project manager through multiple media like skype, WhatsApp, hangout, etc.

How many years of experience does your Shopify developer acquire?

It may be essential for anyone to say that they acquire an experience of more than 4-5 years, but everybody doesn’t practice what they preach. You must not hire any person who has little knowledge and skills. We have a team of experienced developers who are working in this field for a period of more than 7 to 8 years. They will help bring the latest trends and always keep you up to date with the upcoming technology.

Will your developers be able to build an SEO-friendly e-commerce store?

It is not the only objective to build a great online shopping portal, but we also emphasise the search reach by the target audience. We make the suitable queries to land on the page of your online shop as feasible as it can get. Thus, it is required to know how your developers are making the store reachable to the audience level. It is essential to generate organic traffic rather than spending an extra amount on marketing and advertising.

What are the tools that you use in Project Management and Communication?

As you hire Shopify developers for your project, you’ll be required to take-ups for the upcoming tasks. Furthermore, it will need you to have a trustworthy form of communication to manage all things effectively. There are many communication tools available in the market; you can ask them to choose tools of your choice. Some of the popular developer tools for communication can be – Proofhub and Slack.

How to hire a developer that can troubleshoot Shopify websites?

As you need any help in relation to the bug that comes in on your website, you can fill in the requirements through the contact form. You will get easy access to communicate with our executives and discuss your requirements as per the hiring model of our developers. Once you sign up for the agreement, you will get to hire Shopify developers who can efficiently work on your project.

How will I be able to track the progress of my project?

We try to fulfil your requirement and commit to the work that is promised. It is our responsibility to complete the work on time with utmost transparency. You can communicate with us on a regular basis via Skype, chat, and e-mail.

Principles of our work

Goal-focused Work Culture

Our Shopify developers always stay flexible and adaptive towards the detailed requirements of our clients. We offer customized web portal solutions by fully dedicating ourselves to your instructions. If you Hire shopify developer from Freelancers DEV, you will receive superior quality e-commerce solutions for your business.

Quality Assurance

We follow industry best practices by strictly adhering to internal coding guidelines and quality standards. Each of our products goes through a series of quality tests to ensure their compatibility, scalability, and efficiency. Our quality analysts run a re-testing, and only after their approval, we submit you the final product.

In-house Team

We appoint a dedicated team of developers, designers, and project managers for each of our projects. Our in-house comprises of dynamic Shopify certified professionals with prominent exposure in custom Shopify designing and development.

Transparent Pricing

The success of our organization remains deeply ingrained in our ethical and fair practices. We have always believed in a reasonable and reasonable pricing model. We firmly believe in establishing a timeless relationship with our clients than merely lining our pockets. You can hire shopify developer at Freelancers DEV on both part-time and full-time basis befitting your budget and requirements.

Constant Support & Maintenance

You can directly contact the appointed project manager or developers to track the status of your project. We offer a free 90 days maintenance services, during which we will assign a Shopify developer and designer to conduct instant tweaks and enhancements in your product.