About web developer service

Nowadays, the job profile of a web developer is not just limited to write code, make design and create the layout of a website. With an increasing complexity of work profile, it has become necessary for a developer to be good at multiple aspects of web development. A developer has to take “easy user experience” into his design and programming to offer what the busy world wants to go through in a short period of time.

Hire Our Web developer team

In this regard, Freelancers Dev offers you web developers to hire who understand above aspects of web designing very clearly. When you hire a web developer from Freelancers Dev, you not just outsource your web applications responsibility; you outsource your complete website maintenance to us and we make sure, you take proud on your decision every time.


Hire our web developers

Here is the complete list of duties and responsibilities that our developers
undertake while working on your project:

  • Writing user-friendly codes
  • Designing HTML/CSS powered web pages
  • Maintaining coordination amongst team involved in design
  • Ensuring timely output from other teams to deliver before time
  • Fixing bugs in existing projects
  • Running performance benchmarking tests
  • Making contribution to open source projects
  • Building and maintaining database
  • Refactoring and optimizing existing code

Deep functional knowledge

Whether your project needs strong web application knowledge of HTML, CSS or requires hands on programming experience on JavaScript, JQuery and API’s, our developers can help you. As they have delivered software products across multiple platforms and organizations, they are no less than the experts demanding $300 per hour on other freelancing platforms.


Our Unique Selling Points

Strong technical understanding:

All our developers have a strong understanding of cross-browser compatibility when it comes to rank pages high on various search platforms. They also have adequate knowledge of general web functions and standards that they update from time to time from various communities and online social work groups.

No fixed work hours:

If we commit to a deadline, we hustle to meet that by any means – even if it demands extra working hours by cutting our sleep. We understand sometimes we might not get lucky and might need to work again from the starting. That’s why, we keep work extra hours to save time to handle such situations without compromising the deadline.

Our Experience

Creative Services - 12 years 98%
Insights & Strategy - 10 years 80%
Media Research - 8 years 75%
Marketing Data - 7 years 70%

How good are you at PHP and MySQL?

We have extensively worked on PHP and MySQL projects because we understand how important it is to customize CMS. When you hire web developer from us, you considerably save money that other freelancers charged through extra work hours.

What about security?

As security is an ongoing concern, we use strong firewalls to protect your sensitive business data from unwanted hackers. Also, we have best coding practices to prevent SQL injection attacks those are becoming increasingly vital with other developers. Our daily backup routine holds your back against any unfortunate event in the course of any code error.

What is your server capacity?

Unlike others, we don’t make that mistake of seeing hosting as a commodity. We host your websites at servers those are rare to experience any server issue. Even if they do, we have specialized tools to undo the errors for bringing you back to business in no time.

How can I check your progress?

We share weekly progress report with you. We state the progress made each day and seek your feedback to make any changes required to our work culture. Besides, you can get in touch without team, on a call or video call to share any input or know the status of the progress on real time basis.

Should I hire a developer for the team?

It depends upon the project that you need us to work on as per your suitability. In general, if you hire a web developer, they may provide you with the apt information and development as per your current project. However, if you hire a whole team, they will work individually on every aspect. More so, we would advise you to have a full-on discussion with our experts and then assign for the services.

What can be the advantages to hiring web developers?

A web developer is skilled in every bit of his work which is a massive requirement of the digital marketing industry. Thus, they also provide huge advantages in many different ways.

  • They are well equipped and experienced in programming and development.
  • These developers are showcasing their creativity and innovation through the project.
  • They keep everything in control regarding the workflow of the project.
  • Our developers work as an integral part of your project.
  • They come in combination with quality assurance and reducing the risk factors.
  • Our developers do not cost anything extra. All that you get is right above the table

What is the process to hire a web developer?

Those who are in need of hiring a web developer can contact us directly. The steps are simple, you can give us a brief idea about your website development, and we will provide you with the best of them all. Furthermore, we can sign up for an agreement to continue working on your web designing program.

What are the modes of payment?

There are various modes of payment available as per the suitability of our clients. They can either choose PayPal or other options that are being told at the time of agreement.

What if I develop issues with my developer over time?

Though we always assign you the most appropriate developer according to your project, still there can be times when things might not go as planned. Therefore, if there is a problem regarding the performance or skills of the developer, you can surely contact us for the same. More so, we at encourage our clients to do the best with their sites. In addition, we will analyze the issue, and if there is a need, we will make the necessary changes.

What is the time period of your services?

Again, we would say that it all depends upon your project work. The services may continue for a long time if you are willing to invest more and your project needs to have more features. Similarly, if there is less work, then it can finish up within 1 to 2 months. Moreover, we have various options depending upon the different requirements of our clients/customers.

What’s the difference between a website designer and a developer?

When a person designs a website and the graphical content, that person is known as a website designer. However, if you hire a web developer from our end, they will help in the technical aspects of that website. It specifically includes coding and programming on the database. Thus, we provide you support and service in respect to design and development, PHP programming, and debugging problems on the website.

Do I have to be a local resident to work with your team?

No, you don’t have to be local as we work with our clients throughout the world. There is a reason why we have freelance developers and experts in various fields. They can work for you regardless of where you are in the actual location.

Do you provide domain registration and web hosting?

No, we certainly do not ourselves register your domain or perform hosting services. However, we can help you in its purchase by recommending you the best platforms. More so, it all depends upon your business’s requirements.

Will you help with an existing website that I own?

Yes, of course. We do provide services for existing websites by going through their overall work performance. Our experts will analyze the website and further deliver the changes/updates that need to be there on the site. Thus, you can hire a web developer from our team for professional onlook on your existing site.

What are the best skills of your developers?

Our team of experts is not only improvised with the technical terms of website development, but they are also quite excellent in communication. We have a willingness to learn, and that’s how we are able to improve ourselves with time consistently. Furthermore, depending upon the nature of your work, we will assign you the best developer of our team. Needless to say, they are all freelancers and will work as per your requirement.

Do you also test the site before it goes live?

Absolutely! It is one of the most important steps in developing. After the work is complete, our experts perform cross-browser testing in which they prefer the latest versions of Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Firefox. In addition, they also indulge in cross-platform testing where they go for both iOS and Android operating systems.

As we know, in today’s time, their options are available for everything, which increases our responsibility. Furthermore, we run your site on every platform to check if there’s any bug that needs to be fixed. More so, our developers obey all the aspects of professionalism and reliability.

If I hire a Web Developer, will that person be my own employee?

As you hire a Web Developer from our company, they will work like any other employee. You can provide them with the task if you want and they will work according to your idea. More so, you can provide them with the work as per your package and project type. On a general note, each of our developers works around 7 to 8 hours a day and six days a week.

In which industries do you hold the speciality of work?

It is true that no one can be good at everything. Similarly, we have a team of developers who are specialized in developing different websites individually. Each one of them has a speciality to hold like – E-Commerce stores, one-page websites, and others. We will assign you the best one as per your project and their set of skills.

What kind of research do you conduct before starting with my project?

Our team of professionals is highly skilled in their respective fields. They are keenly familiar with the tools and plugins that help to know about the market and its dealing. Further, they do researches as per the building of the website to invest the right solutions. Our research starts with defining the target audience, identifying your brand, and setting up goals.

How many hours will you devote to my project?

Although it’s a must to trust your developers, yet it is also important to ask questions about their working hours. Sometimes, we have our clients located far off, and there is a difference in the schedule. Due to such gapping in the time zone, our team and we work tirelessly to finish your work on time. More so, it depends upon the project type of the client upon which we manage our working hours.

Why Us?

Experience of working with MNCs:

Our developers have regular exposure to MNC projects and thus have applied and learned new technical skills with time. Their hands on experience on AEM (Adobe Experience Manager / CQ5) have made them highly sought-after amongst industry biggies looking to get best output without spending too much on in-house salaried employees.

Strong communication skills:

Whether you need to hire web developer to manage outside clients or in house team to get the work done, our developers can handle it with their strong skills of communication. We hire developers from rich academic background who have a sense of creating easy communication with others.

Multi tasking under pressure:

It requires a strong organization skill to manage multiple tasks under a single timeframe without compromising quality. At Freelancers Dev, we nurture developers under similar conditions and enhance their skills for the same by organizing workshops from time to time. Thus, you can rest assured of quality output even outsourcing responsibility of multiple clients to us.