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How to edit the home page on WordPress?

  • By admin
  • March 15, 2021

The customization and creation of a Homepage on WordPress isn’t such a fuss as many think it to be. There is a default option on WordPress where the blog posts are always shown on the Homepage. However, you may need a landing page on your website’s Homepage where you can highlight your products and services. Here, we will guide you and provide information through which you can easily edit and customize the Homepage on WordPress.

What is a Homepage on WordPress?

As the name suggests, the Homepage on WordPress is the front page of your website. It is the prime page of your website where the viewer will get the most information about the products and services that you render. When a person searches your website name and the page that opens after that is the Homepage of that website.

Why is there a need to edit Homepage on WordPress’s website?

When you create a blog on your website, it is obvious to show it on the Homepage so that the maximum number of viewers can go through it. But there are many people who even consider open-up a small business or an online store. For such small-scale routines, you need to show your products and promotions in the highlighted form on the Homepage.  

Here are two simple procedures which will give you a close out-look on the creation and editing of WordPress’s Homepage –

Setting Homepage in WordPress 

On WordPress, your blog posts will be shown on the Homepage as the default option. Still, many businesses want to use a custom homepage where they can create a separate option for blogs where they can display their blog posts. Here are some steps through which you will be able to have a separate option for blogs –

  • Go to the “Pages” option in the side panel and click on “Add New.” Type the name of the title as per your requirement and then click on “publish.”

You need to follow the same process if you want to create a new page for the blogs section.

  • Go to the “Pages” option in the side panel.
  • Add the name of the title page as Blog.
  • Move your cursor to the right side and click on “publish.”

Once your blog page is published, you need to tell WordPress to start using these pages. You can do so in the following steps –

  • Go to the “settings” option and select “reading” in the admin section of WordPress.
  • A side box will appear where you have to choose the “A static page” option.
  • Then select “Home” under the Homepage selection view.
  • Go ahead and select the blog pages as per your maximum number of counts.
  • Lastly, click on the “Save Changes” button to save the setting that you have just made.  
Editing Homepage on WordPress’s Website

The editing option for Homepage will be shown to you in a simple WordPress theme which is easy to edit. Simply follow these steps to make the changes –

  • Go to the Dashboard of your WordPress admin and click on “Appearance,” and select “Customize.”

Doing so will open up the WordPress theme customizer with the live preview option of your theme. There will be different options available in the theme customizer depending upon the theme that you are currently using.

  • If you want to edit any part of the page, just click on the blue pencil icon of that area.
  • Once you have made the changes, it will show a preview of the site before saving the changes.
  • You can also remove the sections and put them back on the “Frontpage sections” of the customizer.
  • Once you have made the right changes, you can save them by clicking on the “Publish” button.  

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