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How To Fix The Most Common Magento 2 Issues?

  • By Nikki Bela
  • June 30, 2021

It is usual for anyone to get in trouble while using a technology that they don’t have much knowledge about. Similar is the case with Magento 2, and its several issues that may occur from time to time. Although it can be something new for you, that doesn’t mean you can’t fix it beforehand.

Magento is a powerful and fantastic program for online merchants who are seeking to encourage their business in the online market. Hence, we have come up with specific solutions to the most common Magento issues that tend to occur.


Before we move any further, learn that this is an essential guide to help users troubleshoot the issues with much ease. If you need professional advice, do not hesitate to talk directly with the Magento development company. Thus, here are some of the standard Magento 2 issues that may occur with its users –

 Installation issues –

As we know, Magneto 2 is a pronounced version of the Magento platform where e-commerce dealers and entrepreneurs can flourish their business using the program. However, if you cannot install the setup, it would not be possible to continue with further tasks.

Here is an easy way to install Magneto by using the program called composer. After downloading the program, you need to follow these simple steps –

  • Install composer
  • Download Magento 2
  • Set up all the permissions
  • Create the database

Furthermore, install Magento 2 by following the commands of the installation wizard. If you are unable to do so due to any problematic error, you can ask a Magento development company to complete the task for you.

Reindexing –

It can be a worrying situation for Magneto users when they run into a system message saying – “one or more indexes are fully invalid.” They need not be panicked as there is a simple solution for such sort of Magento issues. You can either run a cron job to fix this issue or simply enter the following command into the root directory of Magneto 2 installation – Php bin/Magento indexer: reindex.

Magento 2 issue fix

PHP Extention settings –

It is also another common issue of Magento 2, where a user may find difficulty in handling the PHP extension and configuration settings. When you face any such problem in that particular area, you can re-configure the php.ini settings of the slot.


Clearing theme/CSS cache –

In order to clear the cache for CSS or theme in Magneto 2, you need to run the following commands –
sudo pip bin/Magento cache: flush
sudo pip bin/Magento cache: clean


Configure Magento 2 –

When you are dealing with an online business, it is necessary to obtain a new domain name keeping in mind your business strategy. Therefore, you can configure Magneto 2 to acquire a domain name by doing the following steps –

  • Open Magento 2 admin panel
  • Go to “Stores,” then select -> “Configuration.”
  • Select “Web” under the “General” tab
  • Open up the Base URLs section and replace it with your new domain name.
  • Open up the Base URLs Secure section and replace it with your new domain address.
  • Select the “Save Config”, which is on the top right side corner

Reset Magento 2 password –

It can be a little tricky to remember all the passwords in a go as we require every new one now and then. You need not worry about that either, as it happens to every one of us. Here is the easiest way to fix that problem on Magento 2.

The most feasible step is to change your passwords from your “PHPMyAdmin” that is right there on the screen. You can also do so by going into your Magento 2 database and locate the “admin-user” table. Here as well, you can change or reset your Magento 2 password.

Nikki Bela

Nikki Bela is the Senior Content Writer and Editor at freelancersdev.com. She has been working with us for more than 5 years and is well-versed in writing, editing and managing various marketing content for our blogs. Also, she has detailed knowledge about SEO, PPC and other online marketing tools on the internet.

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