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How to get more Google reviews?

  • By admin
  • August 31, 2021

With the fast pacing technology and upgrading of digital resources, we need to learn new techniques. It is more defying to get involved in it completely to keep yourself up to date with the latest technology and resources.

As with time, people are more inclined towards the internet, and with that, the first word that appears to your mind is Google. It won’t be wrong to say that people who are not aware of the digital world might be considering Google to the same. So many sellers and buyers make a regular deal using the Google platform as it is the most trusted and widely popular search engine.

How does Google help its users?

When there is a direct interaction between the seller and the buyer, they are more than happy with your services. Google provides such people a platform to interact with the other person, and if they are satisfied, they give a nice and comforting review. Such reviews help attract potential customers. In simple terms, Google is an essential platform for small and large enterprises to advertise their goods and services. It is the most effective way to gather maximum customers for your business if you use the right technique.

Any business that wants to flourish online and offline gets to know that achieving a higher ranking on Google SERPs will benefit their company. A lot of people are unable to reach their target audience using social media platforms. That’s the reason they need good and positive reviews of their customers to have a powerful impact on the target audience.

As per recent reports, more than 80% of online users gain trust in your business after reading the reviews of customers. Thus, you need to ask your existing customers always to leave feedback/reviews after they are done with the service. Make sure they write something positive and engaging that should also be genuine in the eyes of other viewers.

More efficient ways to get more Google reviews –

A good Google review not only gives a good impression on other people but also encourages your sales. Furthermore, it brings in good leads and boosts your revenue. If you want to know “how to get Google reviews?” you must know the right methods that need to be applied.

Ask them directly to leave a review:

Many of you may not agree with the idea, but asking your customers directly to give a review will turn out to be great for your business enterprises. Once your customers have made their purchase and are in conversation with the executive, that’s when you can easily ask them to leave a review on the website. It will be more influencing if you may please your customer with something that they need you with and then ask them to write a review. That is a more pleasing way to get good reviews at your site.

Ask for Feedback through Email:

To get more Google reviews, you can use the customers’ emails who have once used your services. You can always send emails to your existing customers by reminding them of their next purchase or things that they can look back at on your website. It will give a good impression to your customer by letting them know that how much you care about customer satisfaction.

By doing so, you can add a line where they get convinced and get ready to write a genuine review for your goods and services. Tell them how you get encouraged by reading their review and feedback, as it is a great way to know about your services. To make their task easy, you can add the link to the page where they are supposed to write a review on your website.

Sideways from giving negative impact:-

There are some techniques in Google where sellers get involved in black-hat SEO practices. Doing so is problematic as it will increase the risk of removing the reviews from your website. There are two types of methods that may make you level down on the Google search engine results page. Most often, it would help if you were not practicing – review-gating or writing negative replies to your customers.

If you are asking your customers to write only good reviews on your website, that means you are deceiving other people. Also, if you are deleting the negative thoughts and only keeping the positive ones, then it is also one of the most negative ways of dealing with your online customers. Therefore, you should always talk nicely and politely with your customers so that they can also write down the same in their feedback.

Be quick in giving replies:

We all are aware of the automated replies that are sent to your customers whenever they write a review on your website. However, some of the people who are genuinely talking to your executive are expecting a proper reply from your end. It is one of the best ways to avoid any negative comments on your website and even if they are not completely satisfied with your services, talk to them nicely at all times.

Customers who get quick replies are often said to be highly appreciative of the company and its response. In today’s time, when it is hardly possible to have a 2 minutes conversation with someone, getting a quick response from the business itself is considered polite and genuine. Thus, we would advise you to have more people at your end who are able to give quick replies.

Additional Note – Giving your customers the authority to write real reviews will make them feel more accustomed to your site. There can be other ways through which you can achieve more Google reviews on your site. Just step out and do researches using the same platform that has been evolving so many lives around us!

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