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How to install Magento Theme?

  • By admin
  • March 3, 2021

Among many e-commerce sites, Magento is one such platform that is free of cost and adds value to the work that you do regularly. In particular, it is one unique open-source technology that provides merchants with a flexible outlook to design their online store. Additionally, it also provides access to the content and functionality of the store. The features that Magento offers are wide in a range that also includes powerful marketing techniques. It has got specialization in search engine optimization and also manages catalog-tools. we will guide how to install magento theme.

The design of Magento is as such that even the ones who haven’t worked on such platforms will utilize it as per their need. However, we won’t say that it is easy to manage because the Magento’s advanced levels can be typical for many new users. It offers a variety of themes that can be kept on changing as per the customer’s demand and experience. There are various features and add-ons you can shuffle according to the design you want to layout.

The themes of Magento are several in numbers, and you can choose them as per your feasibility. The installation of the Magento theme is easy, and they make a positive impact on the viewers. Thus, to give your visitors a feature-rich and eye-catching experience, you can install the Magento theme on the platform.

There are two basic methods that can be used for the installation of the Magento theme. However, we strongly recommend you to do so via Magento Connect. Here are four steps that you need to follow to start with the process –

Step 1: Disable Cache 

You need to open the admin panel and then go to System -> Cache Management.  

Select All from the given list.

After that, select the Disable option from the dropdown menu and simply click on Submit.

Step 2: Get the Magento Theme Extension Key 

There will be several options for the theme from which you can choose the one that best suits your current scenario. You can install it onto your store by clicking on the Install Now.

It will ask you to enter your Magento ID, or you can sign-up for free.

After signing in, you can click on Get Extention Key and make it available.

Step 3: Install Magento Theme 

Once you have got the extension key, log in to the admin store of Magento.

It will navigate to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager.  

After login into your Magneto Connect, paste the extension key and click on Install.

Then click on Proceed.

Step 4: Activating Magento Theme 

After the installation is successful, you can go back to Magento admin go to the System -> design.  

Then click on Add Design Change.

Furthermore, you can select the theme from the dropdown menu and click on the Save button.

It is made easier for you to understand the concept of Magento and its feasibility with the distinct features. If you think that we can guide you through the right process, you can also hire a Magneto developer from us. You can always refer to the Contact Us option if you have any queries related to the above-given information.  

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