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How to Migrate a Website to WordPress effortlessly?

  • By Merter Lee
  • July 8, 2022

A tremendous rise in the website development platforms has brought about a significant change in the world of web development. WordPress is one platform that’s common in all aspects among several options for website development. Similarly, there are many website owners who are thinking of migrating their websites to WordPress.

Generally, people back off after knowing that WordPress Website Migration is a multi-step process. Nonetheless, people need to understand the essential points and work in accordance for better results.

Before we move on to the topic, let’s learn a few things about WordPress and its popularity. About 45% of the websites on the internet are created on WordPress. In addition, there are several advantages of moving a website to WordPress, and we have discussed them below.

Advantages of Migrating a Website to WordPress:

  • Easy Administration
  • SEO-Friendly websites
  • Security of Data
  • Various Plugins and Extensions
  • Flexibility of Work

To be exact, almost 75 million websites in the WordPress community are effortlessly working on the internet. Therefore, you can always opt to shift your website to WordPress with some steps. All you need to do is, be a little focused and have much knowledge of WordPress to initiate the task. You may hire WordPress developer to do the need full on your behalf if you require.

Steps for WordPress Website Migration:

1. Lay emphasis on correct URL Structure –

At first, it’s essential to maintain a proper URL for various reasons. Basically, when you ensure that your website URL is correct, it will help in the following –

  • Gives high results for ranking on search engines
  • Steadiness in websites visitors
  • The website displays all the pages
  • Does not give a 404 error

correct url structure

2. Transfer Data safely –

It’s essential to carefully transfer the data/content from the old website to the new one within the migration process. If you are successful in managing the content well, it will help in the following ways –

  • Your site should attract the target audience
  • Improve the site’s performance in the SERPs
  • Generate more traffic to the website
  • Bring in more sale conversions

If you hire a WordPress developer, they’ll help you in shifting the content easily. Moreover, they have the experience of working with plugins that add to the best resource utilization.

Transfer Data safely

3. Designing the website elegantly –

While addressing the outlook of the website, it’s also kept in mind to provide a good user interface. Likewise, it will have the following benefits –

  • Navigation through the site is easier
  • Enhances customer satisfaction
  • Increases the website’s usability
  • The rate of conversion is increased

In addition, the layout of the website should be such that it’s responsive. More so, it must be compatible with mobile device users also.

Designing the website elegantly

4. Include Custom Features –

Every website consists of different functions that give an exceptional experience to its user. Therefore, it’s necessary to include custom features that will be essential for the website’s specific needs. In short, it will be better for your business, even if you own it as a blog website. The features of the website will have the following effect –

  • Increase user experience
  • Adds various features to the site
  • Will attract a large audience for the diverse features
  • May lead to higher sales conversion

Include Custom Features

Final Thoughts:

The points that are mentioned above will be helpful in creating a great website and boosting up the business. Also, if you are new to the terms of WordPress, make sure you take professional help from an expert. Needless to say, any wrong step in migrating the website to WordPress and all your hardwork will go in vain. Hence, always works in accordance with some guidance from the experts.

Merter Lee

This post is written and published by Merter Lee. Merter Lee is currently working as a Content Writer for freelancersdev.com and has enormously worked towards making our dream project come to life! In his free time, Merter Lee likes to read books and learn through advanced technical knowledge of the internet and a lot more.

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