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Laravel vs Codeigniter, Which is Better PHP Framework?

  • By admin
  • June 24, 2021

To build a better and customized form of a solution, you may need to lay great emphasis on the PHP MVC framework. There is a huge debate for the selection of PHP framework between – Codeigniter and Laravel. They are both strong competitors, and so many of you may find it challenging to choose the best one. There are numerous kinds of PHP frameworks present on the internet, but the most popular ones are Laravel and Codeigniter. It would be more appropriate to say that developer’s search for the topic as Laravel vs Codeigniter to know the better solution for their PHP framework. Let us give you a detailed study on each of them, and then you can select the one by yourself.

Laravel overview –

Laravel is a widely known open-source PHP framework that was designed and created by Taylor Otwell. Most developers work on Laravel for its server-side handling routine, templating, HTML authentication and others. Laravel is based on Symfony (provides PHP libraries) and follows the MVC architecture.

The source code of Laravel is hosted on GitHub as it is released under the MIT license. Developers know Laravel as a reliable source of PHP framework that can be used efficiently as it follows accurate language rules. It helps to build application with pre-defined architectures, web portals, templates, customized backend logic and full-stack apps. Many other web development tasks can be rationalized with Laravel development.

Features of Laravel Framework –

There are many key features of Laravel that are the finest among powerful PHP frameworks. These remarkable features of Laravel make it stand out from the rest of the popular web frameworks.

They are –

  • High-quality session control
  • Offers improved IO
  • Modular packaging
  • Easy integration with third-party libraries
  • Easy to use blade templating engine
  • Built-in authentication tool
  • Inbuilt caching mechanism
  • Dependency manager completely composer base

Laravel’s Market usage statistics –

Among all the web frameworks that are currently functioning, Laravel holds a total of 0.37% market share.
Laravel has a mark of about 63.2k Github stars, 20.4K live projects and a range of 550 dedicated contributors. All in all, they lay great stress on improving the real-time framework.
There has been an increase in the number of live websites that are using Laravel in the United States. Its current count has risen above 648,115, with almost 1 million users at present.

Codeigniter overview –

Codeigniter is a PHP framework that is strong and has a minimal footprint designed for developers. It is preferable for its simplistic yet rich toolkit that allows the developer to go for full-features web applications. EllisLab created Codeignitor in 2006. Since then, developers have been using it as a PHP framework to generate dynamic websites.

The user/developer will have complete freedom as they do not have to depend upon the MVC development pattern. The best thing about Codeignitor is that it sanctions the plugins of the third party. Furthermore, it acts as a helping system for applying complex functionalities. In addition, it has an excellent characteristic where it encrypts data and provides utmost security.

Features of Codeigniter framework –

The developers are more in favour of the Codeigniter framework for its easy understanding. It has made a significant impact on the developers’ mind for becoming easy to use and its simple layout.

The key features of such an incredible PHP framework are as follows –

  • Error logging
  • Authenticating the data and forms
  • File uploading class
  • Facilities the hooks and class extensions
  • Search engine friendly URL’s
  • Supports data paging and encryption
  • High-security levels and XSS filtering
  • Delivers unit testing class, template engine and calendar class
  • Easy and straightforward understanding to utilize MVC framework
  • Library with image manipulation curriculums
  • Inbuilt class support to send e-mails

Codeigniter’s Market usage statistics –

Codeigniter has a market share of 0.36% among all the web frameworks that are currently available.
It has a mark of 17.8k stars and 7.6 forks on Github.
The popularity of Codeigniter is more profound in the following countries – Japan, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and 38 others. In numbers, there are almost 1,410,088 websites that are being in these countries with the Codeignitor framework.

Conclusion – As a matter of fact, it differs from user to user as to which would be feasible for their use. According to the web, Laravel vs Codeigniter will continue until they both doesn’t come up with something extraordinary. Thus, you can choose for yourself which one would be more convenient for you to work with.

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