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Magento With AngularJS: What is the use of Magento with AngularJS?

  • By admin
  • April 7, 2021

The Magento works on various applications and functions that are run through the process of development. Similar is the case with AngularJS and Magento. The javascript, which is a framework for the MVC, has got smooth and updated with time. AngularJS is also a JavaScript framework that works with MVC and enhances HTML. Furthermore, it will help in the proper use of single-page web-application development.   

The default method of Magento, where it loads the catalog pages in the browser to be a separate page for each product, is outdated. The framework of AngularJS will serve as a template in the browser. You can also say that AngularJS will be the index page to the browser where the data will be applied to the template. It will be done dynamically and using Magneto’s REST API.

With the MVC framework’s proper utilization, we can make the customer browse through the Angular template. It will deviate them from browsing the various pages of the website. Moreover, doing so will not allow the page to be opened entirely every time the user will shuffle through different pages on the website.

Furthermore, the focus will be on certain parts of the template that continue to load data in the background. The outcome of this will be fast navigation on the front appearing pages. Thus, the inner pages will not load, and speed will be maintained.

In what manner do Magento AngularJS works? 

The working of Magento AngularJS in itself is a front-end framework that gives you the utmost development. The application flow is being segmented when the Angular MVC framework is seen like –

  • Models – It handles the database queries to create, retrieve, delete and update the data. Here, we do not use our own database and instead depend upon Magento to provide us with the database capabilities. Thus, it is how we utilize Magento’s server-side models. It is done through web services to perform the actions on the site.

The direct interactions of the Angular Controller will synchronize the data with the Magento Model. Through this, the front-end and back-end actions will be performed.   

  • Views – It handles the layer of presentation, and the developers create components where the data is stored. It is loaded through Magento web services.   
  • Controller – It acts as the brain for the code in the application. Moreover, it is a place where the developers create the logic of the program. Also, Controller is tending to manage both – Models and Views to keep them in synch. It is necessary for data to GET and POST requests.  


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