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Migrate store from Magento to WooCommerce

  • By Nikki Bela
  • August 16, 2022

If you are into the eCommerce business, you must have knowledge about Magento and WooCommerce. Without a doubt, these two are the most popular CMS (content management systems) in the eCommerce industry. Like any other platform, there are pros and cons of using Magento and WooCommerce separately.

In simple words, Magento is a complete solution for an eCommerce store, yet it’s not easy to customize and manage. Also, you may require some professional help who can manage your Magento store. On the other hand, WooCommerce is a powerful CMS that is easy to manage and customize without hiring a professional expert.

Let’s go through some of the highlights of both these platforms (Magento vs. WooCommerce), and then you can learn how to shift your store from Magento to WooCommerce.

What’s the need to migrate Magento store to WooCommerce?

Thousands of online stores run on Magento and are highly trustworthy of the platform. Though it’s a great platform yet, there are drawbacks for which users may find it inconvenient to continue working on the same. Also, you may require a web developer to manage and customize your Magento store as it’s a highly technical platform.

In 2011, WooCommerce came into existence and since then gained a lot of popularity for its easy management system. Unlike Magento, you can easily manage, customize, configure and set up a WooCommerce without needing any technical help. In short, more than 70,000 world’s top websites are using the WooCommerce platform for their online store.

To show in numbers, here are the stats at the current time –

  • Magento – 8% website stores
  • WooCommerce – 30% of website stores

Furthermore, we can say that WooCommerce is a highly beneficial eCommerce platform that provides safety and security to all its users. Henceforth, there is a rapid shift in Magneto stores to WooCommerce for its feasibility of work and other aspects.

Difference between WooCommerce and Magento:

Points to Differ: WooCommerce Magento
Platform Charges: Free or Paid It is a completely free eCommerce platform It offers a free version to a certain extent; after that, you need to pay for premium services.
Number of products to add You can add an unlimited number of products You may require an extension to add unlimited products.
Security Features It provides essential security and also utilizes WordPress security It offers an advanced level of security that can deal with any sort of situation
SEO Features & Capabilities It has all sort of SEO features that works towards reaching out for good SEO capabilities It comes packed with good SEO capabilities that helps to achieve high ranking on search engines
Flexibility WooCommerce is much more flexible to work with and customization It’s not as flexible as WooCommerce
Affordability It’s an open-source platform and much more affordable with extensions It has two versions – paid and unpaid; but also has limitations with the unpaid version too

Migrating your store from Magento to WooCommerce

Once you have compared the difference between Magento and WooCommerce, you can begin with the migration process. Here is the following information that you’ll need to begin with –

Typically, it’s considerably easy to migrate your store from Magento to WooCommerce. More so, you don’t require much knowledge to carry out the process. All you have to know about Cart2Cart, a tool through which you can quickly transfer your Magento store to WooCommerce.

Cart2Cart Features:

If you possibly know anything about cart2cart features, it’s more of a plugin with various features that help store your site on WooCommerce from Magento. Here are some of its popular features –

  • Automated process
  • No requirement for technical skills
  • Technical support
  • Fast, easy, and affordable
  • No requirement for duplication
  • Learning through demo migration
  • No loss of data
  • Software installation is not required

Are you in a hurry to convert your Magento store into a WooCommerce store? You need not to worry as there is plenty of help available! In case you need requirement of a professional, we have our team of experts from where you can hire a WordPress developer to do the need full.

Initiate the Migration Process:

Here, we will start with the actual migration process of the Magneto store to the WooCommerce platform. For an easy understanding, you must follow these steps –

1. Register on Cart2Cart

First; you need to register on the website using your email ID or Google. You may also opt to register with Facebook.

2. Start with the Demo

Once you have signed in on Cart2Cart, two options appear on your screen. They’ll be –

  • Follow the wizard (to migrate)
  • Let Cart2Cart Team assist you

You can select any of the options and let the work begin!

If you have selected the first option, you may click on the “Start Free Demo” button and read the following steps.

3. Fill in the Details

Now, to begin with, the filling in of details, you must follow the procedure –

  • Here, you can see two dropdown menus.
  • In the first one, you have to select the Magento URL
  • In the second one, you have login credentials
  • Next, click on the “Choose Entities.”

4. Select Entities to Migrate

Here, you will come across various entities that you can migrate to your WooCommerce store. More so, you can either select some or all of them, depending upon your choice.

After selecting the entities, it may further take some time to finish the migration process. As it’s done, you’ll see a confirmation message saying, “Migration successfully completed.”

Conclusion –

As you can see, it’s such an easy process to migrate a Magento store to WooCommerce; you may or may not require any technical help for the process. However, if you want to hire Magento experts or any other help from our professionals, we’ll be more than happy to help with any such requirement! In addition, there are some tools that can be more compatible for your field of work and how it can encourage your store’s functioning in the backend and at front as well.

Nikki Bela

Nikki Bela is the Senior Content Writer and Editor at freelancersdev.com. She has been working with us for more than 5 years and is well-versed in writing, editing and managing various marketing content for our blogs. Also, she has detailed knowledge about SEO, PPC and other online marketing tools on the internet.

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