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Advantages of MVC

Advantages of MVC

In recent years, there have been several changes and modifications done in the software development programs. The MVC (Model Views Controller) is one of the most adaptive changes that happened to take place in developing software and web application. A main advantages of MVC is separation of concern. The MVC pattern is an architectural software design exclusive for implementing…

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WordPress-Json (1)

How to import JSON files in WordPress?

JSON REST API is increasingly becoming a thing in WordPress in recent times. It is more than an adaptation to the site where covering the left-over data is improvised through the JSON-powered world and its relatable features. What do you know about JSON? JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is a standard format that represents data…

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child theme wordpress

What is Child Theme in WordPress?

The developers on WordPress are more frequently enrolled to work on the customization of the theme. While you come across any such professional, you may notice that they work on the theme and the child theme option. As per the definition from Codex, a child theme is referred to as – “A theme that has…

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How to create a WordPress Website?

Every day there are numerous searches for the creation of a website. Many people back-off from the thought that it might be risky due to the current circumstances. To help you get through the trouble, we are here to provide you with the right knowledge for the making of the website on WordPress. Through some simple…

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magento 2 on window

How to install Magento 2 on windows?

One of the most widely known e-commerce platform is Magento 2 which has evolved past with various features and technical knowledge. The new version of Magneto has got into innovations that can be robustly grown and formed into new technicalities. It is a famous platform among the merchants who are keenly interested in setting-up an…

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Magento vs Shopify what technology

Popular brands like Magento and Shopify for e-commerce platforms are more likely very much in demand by the customers. It can be a tough decision to know which of the two you can opt to work from for a better experience. There are different platforms that can provide you with the same demand yet different…

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magento theme solution

How to install Magento Theme?

Among many e-commerce sites, Magento is one such platform that is free of cost and adds value to the work that you do regularly. In particular, it is one unique open-source technology that provides merchants with a flexible outlook to design their online store. Additionally, it also provides access to the content and functionality of…

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