Emailemail conversion rate

Every person who is connected through the internet on a worldwide basis; that person will realistically depend on emails. You can even say that it’s the oldest form of connectivity on the internet, yet it’s also the most reliable form, even in current times.

What’s Email Marketing?

Similarly, email marketing is even famous for generating high revenue for marketers in every possible way. For example, if you spend $1 on email marketing, it will feasibly convert into $30. More so, that’s how marketers are ready to invest in email marketing at any point in time without much thought.
Some people think that any email marketing campaign will pay them well at a high impact. However, it may give in any result if your email marketing strategy is not up to the mark! More so, here are some tips you can include to increase your email conversion rate.

Six Tips to Increase your Email Conversion Rate

1. Try to be Personal:

Now, we all know that we don’t like to read long messages and emails until we are not looking to acquire some information. Likewise, your email should be precise with the right amount of information you want to convey.

The foremost thing you can add to your email is the direct way of approaching the customer/client. In addition, you can give in your address at which they can revert if they feel like it!

2. Use Mobile Optimization:

It’s mostly seen that about 50% of emails are opened on mobile devices. That further means your email should be designed per the mobile recipient to encourage reading and replying for the same.

You can simply apply these tactics to make your email optimized for mobile users –

  • Keep a short subject line of up to 35 characters
  • Upload images of small size to lessen the loading time
  • Use single-column layout
  • Use links for maximum clicks

3. Set up Automated Drip Campaigns:

When you set a drip campaign, it automatically sends emails to your client when they take action regarding your email. It can help stay at the front by choosing the proper methods. As you apply to these campaigns, you send emails to clients/companies and convince them to make another purchase at your site.

If you think it will be of any use, you must know that it brings about 320% more revenue to your business than another technique. Thus, it’s an age-long practice that offers the maximum benefit to online businesses.

4. Value your content for the campaign:

It is known that content plays a crucial purpose in marketing. Also, you need to focus on its value so that you do not get a vague idea about your campaign. There are thousands of marketing out daily, so you need to make yours a little extra than normal.

By adding value to your content, you are engaging your customers to read your email more thoroughly. Also, it’s a way of telling them that you care about them and not for your campaign.

5. Focus on a simple template:

It’s for sure that no matter what techniques you are applying, your email should be professional. More so, you must focus on keeping your content simple yet easy to understand on the user’s end.

You must not overdesign your template, and neither do you add too many colors. Some businesses make the mistake of overdoing, which may not be beneficial in any sense. Adding multi-graphics and keeping your email word-based will have a good impression on mobile users.

6. Stay focused on the metrics:

Yes, it’s a must! You should always check for feedback in order to continue applying your techniques for expanding your business. Firstly, it will help you understand more about your work; and limit your interests that are not bringing any profitable results. More so, it will help you gain more knowledge about your customer’s requirements and interests.


The above-mentioned aspects are the topmost tips for increasing the email conversion rate of your email marketing techniques. If you are searching for more professional advice on the matter, you can surely hire our experts and fulfill your criteria.