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Top 5 PHP Development Tools in 2022

  • By admin
  • September 8, 2022

In the online business world, almost every developer has worked on PHP language for creating different types of websites and apps. The reason for the high popularity of PHP is due to its fast and server-side scripting in general aspects. Needless to say, there can be many other reasons why most developers choose to work on PHP rather than Python and Ruby.

As for the matter of preferring PHP over others, it includes – a well-supported framework, elaborated documentation, ready-to-use scripts and a vast community. Basically, to make the work easier on PHP, experts are working on the PHP tools that make the programming easy to incorporate. All in all, PHP developers work effectively in building engaging and rich feature projects.

In today’s time, the market is filled with various PHP tools. Similarly, it becomes challenging for developers to make the right choice as per their task. Thus, here are some of the most popular PHP tools that one can opt for in 2022!

1. PHP Storm

PHPStorm is the most popular choice developers make as the best tool for PHP Development. It is lightweight, extremely fast and provides smooth functioning. More so, it works in accordance with popular CMS (content management system) like – Drupal, WordPress and Magento.

Apart from the workflow, this PHP tool provides live editing support to major front-end technologies, including CSS, HTML, JavaScript and others. In addition, it also empowers developers to integrate databases, command line tools and many other specifications.


  • Re-arrange code
  • Provides ZenCoding Support
  • Completes coding
  • Supports extension
  • Provides useful plugins like VimEditor

2. NuSphere PhpED

This one is a proprietary integrating PHP development tool that comes under the NuSphere. Generally, it’s an advanced form of PHP tool consisting of an editor, profiler, debugger and database per the client and code insight.

The enhancement of several tools and tweaks makes the web development process easier with NuSphere PhpED. All in all, with this tool’s help, the web/application development process will speed up for the time being.


  • Help accelerate PHP apps
  • Supports composite files
  • Refactor the PHP code
  • Provides parallel debugging
  • Full integration

3. Zend Studio

Among the various PHP development tools, you’ll come across many developers who opt for Zend Studio for its optimal speed. Writing and debugging code with this tool is far more convenient and adaptable. Also, it does not require any extra effort from the developer. Likewise, the tool comes packed with several features for an easy web development program.


  • Indexing PHP code
  • Fast performance
  • Search PHP Code
  • Provides docker support
  • Zend framework and tool integration
  • Supports Eclipse Plugin

4. Netbeans

It is the most widely used PHP IDE that’s useful in application development. Verily, it comes with some rich features and support for various languages. More so, it was initially in use for Java development. Right now, it’s lightweight, faster and provides good support in PHP development services.
The best thing about Netbeans is that it provides extensive support to large-scale web applications. Usually, all such apps come in different languages like – Japanese, English, Portuguese, Chinese and others.


  • Formatting & Folding Code
  • Syntax Highlighter
  • Smart code completion
  • Setter generation
  • Catch code completion

5. Cloud 9

Now, this one provides a development environment for different programming languages. They include – PHP, C++, Python and JavaScript. With the help of Cloud 9, developers can code immediately in their work environment. Likewise, the developers can build applications that give easiness of compatibility with browsing and testing live. Furthermore, you can collaborate with your colleagues and amplify the use of different coding features.


  • Real-time language
  • Built-in image editor
  • Reformatting code
  • File management
  • Integrated debugger

Final Thoughts:

Now, the above-mentioned tools of PHP are brilliant in completing their specific task. More so, they do not allow you to create PHP websites but make your work efficient and easy to tackle. Furthermore, you can hire PHP development services from us, and we assure you the best at an affordable price. Not only that, but you can find much more than simply creating and building your web application website on PHP.

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