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Top 6 Web Design Tools of 2022

  • By Merter Lee
  • September 30, 2022

Many web designers are confused with the idea of web design tools as there are so many to count upon. Similarly, each designing tool comes with the concept of driving revenue to the website. Alongside, they help with mockups, frameworks, testing and others. Thus, many web design tools with an abundance of downloads indulge in web designing techniques.

To help web designers, we have chosen some of the best web design tools you can implement while creating your website. As there are many tools available, you may not be sure which one will be more suitable for your work and business requirements. To be precise, with the use of amazing web design tools, you can create a high-impact website with minimum effort of work.

Benefits of Web Design Tools

Before moving any further, let’s just say that many of you must be wondering if there’s any good in using these tools. Well, we would initiate by saying that creating a perfect website is not an easy method. In general, there are many aspects of creating a website design, including the company’s branding, which should be stunning and provide a good user experience.

When you consider using a web design tool instead of simply coding, it facilitates the following parts –

  • Easily coding your website
  • Create visual elements
  • Build and publish your website
  • Prototype website design

In addition, you and your team member can easily access the website in one place without any hassle. Thus, depending on your target options, you can choose any web design tool.

List of Top 8 Web Design Tools

Here is a description of the top 8 web design tools of 2022 that designers can use to develop and create a website. They include –

1. Wix:

At first, you may require a platform form where you can start building your website. Thus, you can choose Wix as it’s a one-stop for anyone to set up their website. In simple terms, Wix is a platform that’s an easy-to-use website builder without using coding.

Even if you want to design a website without having any knowledge of creating a website, you can do so with the help of Wix. In addition, it allows you to drag and drop site elements that help you to create a designed layout. Moreover, Wix is the simplest platform that provides excellent customization.

2. Shopify:

If anyone is looking to create an e-commerce website, they can undoubtedly go for Shopify as it is the best one for e-commerce web designers. The platform comes with the following features –

  • Drag and drop features
  • About 70 themes
  • No extra coding
  • Feasibility of selling products at several marketplaces
  • Allows you to add ecommerce functionality to the store

Though you can also get the work done with the help of Shopify developers, it’s a simple platform, and thus you can create it by yourself. Without a doubt, you can easily create an ecommerce website with the use of Shopify. In addition, it helps to create a beautiful and fantastic development experience.

3. WordPress:

For those who are looking for a free and more customizable web design platform, they can surely visit WordPress, as it’s the most powerful tool. Here you can get thousands of themes, drag and drop builders and many such customizable options.

Someone unfamiliar with WordPress must know that it has a giant library of plugins with extra features and extensions. Though the platform is easy to use, some of you may prefer to hire a WordPress developer for the work.

4. Google Web Designer:

Now, as the name suggests, it comes under the license of Google, and you may use it for creating and web designing. Likewise, it’s a free webpage designing tool that lets the user easily create HTML designs.

With the help of this software, your design will run smoothly on any device, whether it’s a desktop or a smartphone. Moreover, Google Web Designer allows you to easily edit HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

5. Adobe Dreamweaver:

This one is a paid platform that builds pages as per Mac and Windows operating systems. Moreover, Adobe Dreamweaver also comes packed with various features that include –

  • Built-in FTP client
  • Easy project management & workflow
  • Makes teamwork effortless
  • Smart coding and syntax highlighting

Now, this software may feasibly work with Photoshop and other features of Adobe. Thus, you can share objects with quick and easy updates using graphic components.

6. Bootstrap:

Again, this one is a free tool that helps in web designing. You can also use and create websites with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

As already stated, it’s an open-source tool that comes with various templates. Furthermore, it will help you to create and design your pages using the customizable options of the platform.


Apart from the above-mentioned tools (or software), there are many more web design tools that you can install and preferably use. In case designing your website is challenging, then you can hire web developers to make the task easy.

In the current scenario, it’s important to use web design tools to build a fast and fully functional website. Similarly, it’s equally essential to use the one that is most suitable per your field of work or business. With the help of web design tools, you can edit your page before publishing it and many more such things.

Merter Lee

This post is written and published by Merter Lee. Merter Lee is currently working as a Content Writer for freelancersdev.com and has enormously worked towards making our dream project come to life! In his free time, Merter Lee likes to read books and learn through advanced technical knowledge of the internet and a lot more.

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