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What is the Green Money Shopify App?

  • By admin
  • April 15, 2021

Green Money intensified its customer base through Shopify

Around the globe, there are approximately a thousand payment gateway services that are featured on the Internet. However, on average, the E-commerce industry uses a few or a countable number which can be 0.08% of the total service providers.    


The reason for such a downfall can be the lack of plug & play solution in the payment gateway options. It allows the merchants to store up and run their website easily without dealing with complex API integrations. It won’t be wrong to say that local payment gateways are more successfully running their services.


Green Money and its feasibility –

The payments that are made through the Green Money gateway are secure and quick in facilitating money with ease. It is one of the pioneers in E-check processing that has been in online business for the last ten years.


It is not an ordinary payment processor, unlike others that are not able to stay stable in the business. Green Money is a unique way of processing payments through the medium of E-checks. In addition, it provides the user with the utmost security and takes less processing time for the payment.   


You may not believe the relative terms of Green Money are safe, secure, and quick in their job. Here are some claims that can be put to words –

  • It utilizes the servers that are secure to ensure the process of payment information. Green Money has encrypted every single line of code for which it has been the processing system. Moreover, it makes them one of the most secure systems that are available for payment procession.  
  • The act of technologies with the state is placed in RDC services (Remote Deposit) and ICL (Image Cash Letter).
  • Many commonly used ACH (Automated Clearing House) processing usually takes almost 4 to 5 business days to process the payment. Unlike them, Green Money will be able to provide the E-checks on the same day.
  • The Green money e-check is safe, and with it, you can even accept the payments daily.


With the power that has been prevailing in the online business, Green Money has made great achievements. It gives its customers the best services and support that makes them their permanent users.


Green Money came up with the thought of allowing the merchants to accept and process their payments without leaving their E-commerce store. It makes them publish the oriented play and plug solutions.


Here is the implementation of Green Money’s application development in Shopify.   


Shopify and Green Money

The compound annual growth rate of Shopify has been claimed at 81%. Moreover, it makes it the most adaptable CMS solution in the present scenario. Green Money was all set to build the Shopify app and hire developers for the application development to relatively merge with the concept.


The use of Green Money’s E-cart API is to set up an interface by the development team. It will allow the Shopify app to communicate with the payment interface of Green Money to communicate smoothly. After the project was done, it took a few more hours for the development of the web to counter over –

  • Write the code (keeping in mind the standards of Shopify).
  • Testing the various stress levels that are built.
  • Deploy it live.


Lastly, it will apply the plug-and-play solution, and the Merchant of Shopify will be able to install the store and accept E-check payments.


A look at the app that is created for the merchants

Firstly, the Merchant will install the app and contact their Green Money support team for further access. Then, it will ask for a sign-up into the Merchant’s account and establish their Shopify App.


As it is done, you will simply install the app into the Shopify store and enter the details using the interface of the application.



When you are done with the step, you are all set to take E-check payments through your Merchant’s account.


What’s the process to pay using Green Money?

When a person objects to paying, he/she needs to have a checking account that is feasible with a checkbook in Green Money. Here, you will have to select a cheque (as shown in the figure) and fill in the mandatory details. It may include – Routing Number and Bank Account Number.



And, you are done. It is simple, and you may not need to remember any passwords, unlike other length payments options. There is less redirection of pages, making it inaccessible for the hackers to tap down the data on the payment pages. Also, it will safeguard your other details that are present on the page. 

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